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‘Blood On His Hands’: Mary Trump Says Her Uncle Must Be Held To Account

Mary Trump, the estranged niece of President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday that her uncle is in a situation he doesn’t know how to handle.

“Donald has never been in a situation he couldn’t cheat, lie, steal or buy his way out of,” she told CNN’s Don Lemon

She said that while Trump fights against losing the election to President-elect Joe Biden, the coronavirus crisis spirals out of control ― and he doesn’t care.

“Let’s put it in really bleak terms: He lost an election decisively. He feels rejected by the American people,” she said. “He will sacrifice any of us to assuage his own wounded ego.” 

And that includes his own supporters as the “reddest of red states” suffer the most right now.  

“He doesn’t care,” Mary Trump said.

Trump is not only failing to tackle the crisis, she said, but he is making it as difficult as possible for the incoming Biden administration to prepare. 

“He’s directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans,” she said. “He’s got blood on his hands and he needs to be held to account so I hope President-elect Biden keeps that in mind come January.”

See her full conversation with Lemon below:

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